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1-PG DC 44 - Alex Gibson

Alex Gibson was a member of the Peterborough Cycling Club and held the position of treasurer for some time. He was also an accomplished competitor. He is shown here sporting some of his medals from the many bicycle meets (races) he participated in. Image below shows some of the bling – a trophy adorned with a high wheel bicycle and ‘jockey’ – from one of the  bicycle races held here in Peterborough in the early 1900s. The Peterborough Bicycle Club is one of the longest standing bicycle clubs in Canada and is currently the largest bicycle club per capita in a Canadian city! Read about the ‘main event’ when Peterboro hosted the first ever provincial meet of the Canadian Wheelmen’s Association – and about 7,000 visitors – on July 1, 1898.

Wild Rock and Shimano are current supporters of the Peterborough Bicycle Club, and host modern day ‘meets’ like long distance group rides as well as races and events, including the upcoming cyclo-cross national championships in the first week of November at Nicholls Oval. 

At top, a young Percy Jamieson poses with a wee version of a high wheel bicycle for a photo at the famous Roy Studios in Peterborough. Do you have a caption for this image?  Or do you know more about these images? Email You can also write in your contact information and your story in our book at one of our pop-up events in Peterborough, Ontario.


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