The Bicycle Museum is a virtual museum that posts historical images and stories about bicycles and those who enjoy them with a focus on Canada, particularly Ontario.

We produce pop-up exhibits in tandem with online materials that include bicycles, photos, and bicycling ephemera.

In 2020 we will produce a pop-up for Remembrance Day to highlight the important role that the bicycle played during war time, particularly for Canadians at home and at war during WW1 and WW2. If you know of a collector with a service bicycle with a Canadian connection please email us at thebicyclemuseumptbo@gmail.com.

In the meantime, please read: Remembering the Canadian Cyclist Corps.

We are also working on a larger CCM exhibit focusing on the company’s importance to the country’s industrial manufacturing history as well as the City of Toronto’s cycling history. The CCM Story provides a definitive history (and a number of images we hope to display in 2020 as part of our Toronto-based exhibit.)

Other upcoming exhibit themes include, bicycle couriers, women’s emancipation, bicycles and fashion and cargo bicycles. Do you have an idea for an exhibit? Please contact us to discuss collaboration or media partnerships.

This image of a blue heron riding a high wheel bike above is by Ian Sullivan Cant and is available for sale. The blue heron is a common bird in the Kawartha region and animals riding high wheel bicycles were a common illustration used by advertisers at the turn of the century.

This artwork, along with about a dozen historical images and one replica big wheel bike were displayed at pop-up exhibits in Peterborough, Ontario from November 2018 through to January 2019, to launch The Bicycle Museum. Historical images, including prints of this beautiful heron on a high wheel, along with a high wheel bicycle were on display and are available for purchase.

Please email bicyclemuseumptbo@gmail.com or visit the pop-ups and write in the book at one of our events if you have a bicycle history story to share.

The Bicycle Museum is a project by Dandyhorse Media Inc.

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